Great Days Out 1AK

Our week in Altenmarkt

On 16th April we met each other at the train station. When finally everybody had arrived, we got on the train. Everybody was really tired. Some of us slept a bit. It seemed that the journey would never end.
We had to change the train once and it was a bit complicated with the suitcases because we had to carry them somehow into the train, which was a bit tricky, because my suitcase wasn’t the smallest one. At Radstadt we left the train and boarded a bus. Another 20 minutes later we were finally at our hotel in Altenmarkt. After we got our keys, we examined our room.
I shared a room with Sophie, Katrin and Tijana. Our room wasn’t big, but Sophie and I had a double bed, which was really cool. Katrin and Tijana slept in a bunk bed. We had our one little bathroom and our own toilet. We also had a balcony. I was quite happy with our room and we started unpacking our things.
When we had finished, we relaxed a little bit before we went downstairs to our first English lesson. Our first Native speaker was Brian. He was from Ireland, but he lived in Barcelona. He was really funny, and just talked to us a little bit to get to know us. After the lesson we went to our rooms and relaxed a little bit.
 On the next day we met Jeremy. He said we should call him just “Jem”. He came from London and seemed to be a very peaceful person to me. He explained that he wanted to see how good we were able to speak English by asking us questions and we had to answer them in thirty seconds. Everybody had to go to the board and Jem asked him or her a question, for instance: “Describe the man of your dreams.” or “What would you do if you were invisible for one day?” My question was a bit trickier than the given examples. Mine was: “Describe in English the use of the present perfect.” At first I was a bit overwhelmed but eventually I was able to explain it quite well. Since Jem thought I did a good job, he asked me another question. The question was: “What is the difference between the present perfect and the past simple?” After I managed explaining it I was satisfied with myself. We also started a little project about the Internet. Jem said we should collect all the words that came to our mind about this topic.
After Jem’s lesson we had Brian again. He started a game in which we had to decide if the statement he told us was true or false. We were split into two groups and the groups had to decide whether the statement was true or false together. We also had to say how sure we were about it by giving points.
On this afternoon we had to do some kind of treasure hunt. We got a sheet of paper with questions and had to go through Altenmarkt and ask random people if they knew the answers to some of the questions. Fortunately, most of the people we met knew at least two answers.
In the evening we had to do some quizzes in groups. There was also a group from a different school in our hotel. Every group fought against the other ones.
On the next day we met Alice who came from Italy. She was really nice, and I liked her accent. We played games with her. One game was similar to “Stille Post” with entire stories told in English. We had Brian on this day too and we finished the game.
In the afternoon we went swimming. There was this red water slide. You had to go in a kind of capsule and then a clack opened and you fell into the slide. In it there was a kind of loop. It was so cool, even though I was a bit scared. Some of us couldn’t manage the loop and they had to exit the water slide by the emergency exit.
On the next day we had Jem. In his lessons we worked on our mini-presentations. He helped us with difficult sentences and motivated us. In small groups we had to create a product, which we had to present too. We went bicycling in the afternoon. The weather was beautiful: sunny and a bit windy. Frau Professor Reuther had no idea where to go for a moment, because there was a road work on the originally planned way. So we had to bicycle up a hill. It was so exhausting.
In the evening there was a karaoke party. You could choose between songs like: “We are family” or “Ketchup Song”. Brian was a talented singer - well at least he was an ambitious singer. It was very funny. 
On Friday, our last day in Altenmarkt, we had lessons with Alice and Brian. With Alice we did Business English activities and with Brian we did some acting. It was hilarious. Then we got our certificates and had to pack our things.
Then we got on the train and were on our way to Vienna.
I think my English has improved during the one-week stay in Altenmarkt, but I noticed that I have to speak for a little while English before I can speak really fluently.


written by Nicolin Irk (1AK)